Lie Down with Lions

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Lie Down with Lions is a spy novel by Ken Follett. Jean-Pierre Debout. She decides to follow his career to Afghanistan, where they will ostensibly give medical aid to a village of rebels uniting against the invasive Soviet regime. When she finds that Jean-Pierre is a Soviet spy, she is horrified.

When she investigates, she finds that he has been providing medical aid to the rebels while giving the Russians more intel to kill them off. Traumatized and caught in the middle of these two diametrically opposed men who want to kill each other, she tries to reclaim some of her agency and keep them from destroying themselves or each other.

The novel begins in Paris during the last decade of the Cold War. Lambert lives in a small flat and dates Ellis, whom she believes is an American anti-war activist and pacifist who makes money as a writer.

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Lambert starts the novel confident that she will soon marry Ellis and live a fulfilling life in political activism. One day, he lets slip that he is a covert CIA agent working to collect intelligence on Russian operations in Paris and the rest of Europe. Despite her knowledge that he truly loves her, Lambert is outraged at his deceit and his distorted moral system.

She leaves him immediately, itching to restart her life. After her split from Ellis, Lambert meets Dr. Jean-Pierre Debout, seemingly by chance, in Paris later events question whether it was chance.

After falling quickly in love, she agrees to marry him, following him to Afghanistan to aid Soviet rebels. During this time, she becomes comfortable in the town, making a number of Afghan friends. After a couple of months, she realizes she is pregnant, and then gives natural birth to a daughter that the couple names Chantal.

His real agenda in their Afghan town is to acquire intel on the operations of the rebels, feeding it back to military officials so they can squelch any revolutionary fronts before they erupt. Lambert agonizes over how to respond to the revelation about Jean-Pierre.

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Making matters worse, Ellis appears in the town, on a mission to forge an alliance between Masud and a number of other rebel groups in Afghanistan. During this time, a jaded Lambert and lost Ellis reunite and express their love. One day, the KGB launches a military assault on the town. Lambert and Ellis manage to detonate a bomb on the bridge that the military vehicles are passing over, thwarting them.

Knowing they can no longer safely stay lest their identities be broadly known to Russia, they escape Afghanistan with Chantal via a maze of mountain passes known as the Butter Trail. KGB helicopters pass overhead, searching for them, and they learn that some of the Afghans they meet are working for the Soviets. As they pass through small towns looking for resources, Follett draws a realistic account of rural mountainous Afghan life: insular but at the same time, vulnerable to instabilities in the region, and lacking solidarity and trust.

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If these steps don't work, then unfortunately subtitles are not optional. Jack Carver Marg Helgenberger Kate Nessen Nigel Havers Peter Husak Omar Sharif Safar Khan Maceddet Albayrak Rabie Juliette Athlan Djana Michael Attwell Bazarov Arnaud Badem Mousa Kabir Bedi Kabir Simone Bendix Lieve Ron BerglasGoodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Ellis, the American. Jean-Pierre, the Frenchman. They were two men on opposite sides of the cold war, with a woman torn between them.

Together, they formed a triangle of passion and deception, racing from terrorist bombs in Paris to the violence and intrigue of Afghanistan - to the moment of truth and deadly decision for all of them Get A Copy. Paperbackpages. More Details Original Title. France Afghanistan Other Editions Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Lie Down with Lionsplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Lie Down with Lions. I was expecting to enjoy this book a lot more! After all, this novel has been written by Ken Follett — the author of my favorite The Eye of the Needle.The men who wanted to kill Ahmet Yilmaz were serious people.

Continue reading. I get a lot of letters about the love scene in this book. I suppose it is rather steamy. I worked for a year on a story, called Country Risk, that I never finished. It was about a group of Russians who take over a Western bank and attempt to manipulate a financial crisis. I did a lot of research and came up with a plot which my agent and my publishers liked.

As I began Chapter One, I started thinking about how people talk about Eye of the Needle and how they are on the edge of their seat, desperate to know what happens next. I realised nobody was ever going to feel that way about a what happens in a bank and I abandoned it. And as in Eye of the Needle, I put a woman at the centre of the story. This is his most ambitious novel and it succeeds admirably. About Books Adaptations Events Contact. Lie Down With Lions. Lie Down With Lions is the thrilling tale of suspense and deceit from master of the spy story, Ken Follett.

A Dangerous Romance. In Paris, rival spies Ellis and Jean-Pierre both fall in love with Jane, and all three become gripped in a tangled web of lust and deception as they battle terrorist conspiracies. Ultimately Jane can marry only one and chooses Jean-Pierre. A Fight for Freedom.

In Afghanistan the Mujahedeen are fighting to free their country of the Soviet invasion and the newlyweds travel to the Valley of the Five Lions to help the cause as doctors. Fierce fighting means they must find a way out of the line of fire. A Perilous Escape. First chapter.

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Lie Down with Lions

Therefore, if the smallest letter or stroke will not disappear from the Hebrew word and Scripture is accurate even to the plurality of a word, then a single word or multiple words in Isaiah will not disappear or change either. To conclude otherwise means the Jesus lied.

Lie Down with Lions

It would mean that God was not powerful enough to protect the Word of God or sovereign enough to keep all of the words. This means that Jesus Christ, our God, has declared that Isaiah could not have had such a radical change. Now a word of caution must be given. Jesus was not referring to the wide range of varying, modern English Bibles.

He was referring to the Hebrew language in which the Old Testament was written in the original autographs. The real issue is not the accuracy of the Roman Catholic Church or past memories, but can we trust Christ and Scripture.Follett returns once again to his Eye of the Needle triangle-formula—a passionate woman is torn between two lovers who happen to be rival spies—and once again produces only a serviceable, contrived replica of his original blockbuster.

This time the sensuous heroine is radical-chic English interpreter Jane Lambert, working in Paris when she fills in love with American writer Ellis Thaler—only to discover to her horror that he's really a CIA agent! Furious, Jane dumps sexy Ellis who does truly love hermarrying instead handsome young Dr. Jean-Pierre Debout—who takes her off to Afghanistan, where they'll both provide medical aid to a village of anti-Soviet rebels.

Soon after giving birth native-style to baby Chantal, however, Jane secretly learns that Jean-Pierre is also an undercover spy. In fact, Jean-Pierre's mission—aside from betraying his rebel-comrades on a daily basis—is to set up rebel-leader Masud for KGB assassination. What's poor Jane to do?

After all, she still loves J-P—sort of—even if he must be stopped from virtually murdering all their new Afghan friends. Then, of course, old flame Ellis appears: his mission is to arrange an alliance between Masud and the other Afghan-rebel factions—which he manages to do despite attempted sabotage by J-P, who deserts wife and child temporarily, anyway for total KGB involvement. So now, inevitably, there's a long, X-rated reunion for disllusioned Jane and lonely Ellis.

And, after saving the village from a KGB assault thanks to a scenic bridge-bombingEllis and Jane flee from Afghanistan together, baby in tow—pursued across treacherous mountain trails by KGB helicopters, Afghan back-stabbers, and the increasingly manic, cartoonishly evil Jean-Pierre. As in The Man from St. Petersburg, all the principal characters here must frequently act like idiots in order to keep Follett's synthetic plot-contraption clattering along: Jane's passionate flip-flops are nearly comic; Jean-Pierre's motivation for Communist fanaticism the persecution of his leftwing father is never convincing.

The narration ranges from solid pulp to Harlequin pap. The familiarity of Ellis' curly blond hair "tugged at her heartstrings. And the Afghan-village scenes are agreeably thickened with anthropological details.

So this middling effort—less involving than Key to Rebecca, less outlandish than Man from St. Petersburg—is likely to do just as well as its uneven predecessors.

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Terri is attracted to Nate the moment she lays eyes on him, and soon they fall into an easy partnership at the Virginia lake resort she runs with her father. However, Terri, whose mother left when she was 2, has always had a problematic relationship with the citizens of Summer Hill.

Lie Down with Lions

Since Leslie disappeared, the town gossip has made sure everyone remembers her as a promiscuous vixen, a label which tainted Terri as she got older and made her look like a problem when, as Nate begins to understand, she was really a victim. The story is well plotted, though Nate is unnecessarily oblivious sometimes and the book takes an unexpected swing into romantic suspense territory in the last quarter.

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Lie Down with Lions

Kabir Bedi. Omar Sharif. Laura Perramond. Eve Polycarpou. Nadim Sawalha. Stephen Greif.

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Lie Down with Lions

So this is the movie. Now I have to find it somewhere. From other reviews it doesn't seem to follow the book as closely which outlines a lot of the Russian war with Afghanistan. But there is certainly enough plot, action, history, romance, deceit, and intrigue to keep you interested. Descriptions of the Afghan countryside, people, tribes and their inner conflict before Osama Ben Laden lets you know that not much has changed.

Follett even mentions Bagram Air Force Base which we are using now. A friend of mine is working in the South of Afghanistan and he says it is truly completely different from the Northern area where the book is set.

The book really gives you a picture of what our troops are up against and why it is possibly a futile war, for a lot of reasons. Did You Know?

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